Grant Assistance 2021

Find below the list  of artists that were assisted under the NAC small grants in 2021.

 Name of artist  Art Form  Purpose of assistance
1 Aaron Jean Music Album Project
2 Alain Samson Visual art Visual art project
3 Vanessa Juliette Music Album project
4 Selvin Cesar  Music Album project
5 Mike Cedras Music Album project
6 Melvina Mein Music Album project
7 Sam Payet Music Musical show
8 Michael Savy Music Album project
9 Mervin Nourice Music Purchase light equip
10 Alan Ally Music Purchase 3 guitars for project
11 Kurt Lagrenade /Komik lokal Drama Drama project/bon drayver
12 Roshni Etwareea Fashion Fashion project
13 Joseph Sinon Music Album project
14 Philippe Toussaint music Mixer, speakers, processor
15 Errol Mothe visual   Photographic project
16 Eric Albert Visual Photographic project
17 Allen Charlette Music Purchase
18 John Vital Music Purchase accordion
19 Laurent Payet Visual Programin g PC computer
20 Simon Amade Music Album project
21 Justin Reddy Visual Framing of art work
22 Katty Samson Music Album project
23 Robert Baronne Music Purchase Keyboard
24 Clifford Alexis Music Purchase a pair of speakers
25 Rico Padayachy Music Album project
26 Rupert Dogley videography Purchase camera
27 Jim Hall Music Album project
28 Jerry Bastienne Music Drum equipment


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