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Calling All Artists

Are you an artist?

Come register with the supreme body for coordinating the arts and officially be nationally recognised as an Artist in Seychelles.

All individuals of all art forms who are amateurs, semi-professionals or professionals are encouraged to register so as to gain the support of NAC and the benefits that come with being a member.

Application forms are available through:

Main Office: Maison des Arts, Victoria, Mahe

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Lapel Pour Tou Artist

Eski ou en artis?

Konsey Nasyonal pou Lar I ankouraz tou artis dan diferan form lar ki swa ou en debitan, amater, profesyonnel, semi profesyonnel pour vinn anrezistre avek Konsey.

Sa I a ed NAC ganny lenformasyon de baz ki enportan e neseser pou kapab annan en rikord a zour lo tou artis e osi pour asiste zot dan en fason pli efikas.

Laplikasyon I osi ganny trouve lo:

Lofis Prensipal: Maison des Arts, Victoria, Mahe


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Following the spread of COVID 19 in Seychelles

The National Arts Council (NAC) is taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its staff.

Effective immediately:

  1. The Council will ONLY meet with clients with scheduled appointments considering availability and necessity.
  2. Members of the public are being advised to CALL the Council on Telephone Number: 4295200 to schedule appointments or to be assisted with any information.
  3. Clients who have already scheduled for an appointment with officers of the council should consider the option of having the interaction by phone instead.
  4. The various relevant Associations should consider putting their meetings on hold until further notice.

Thanking you for your understanding.