“Stimulate to Sustain” exhibition

Highlight of the inspiring and thought-provoking evening at the opening of our “Stimulate to Sustain” exhibition, showcasing the talented artists: Eko Lsa, Amir.J, Ali Ahmed Mahamoud, Sachin Muloo, Dr Vick Kumar Shibdoyal, Emmanuel d’Offray, and James Agricole at #Allliancefrancaise Dubai in collaboration with DTOS Group.
It is a great honor to curate this unique exhibition in the spirit of “Year of Sustainability” and our visitors had a wonderful time discovering their diverse styles, colors, and techniques. A fantastic opportunity to highlight the talents of the dynamic #Francophonie #community!
We are grateful to have brought together a diverse and engaged community committed to sustainability and environmental awareness.
If you missed the vernissage, you still have until the 12th of May to come and see the amazing artworks at Alliance Francaise-Dubai
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