Seychelles Biennale of Contemporary Art 2022 officially opens

Mr. David Andre -The secretary general for Seychelles National Institute for Culture, Heritage and the Arts

Mr. Georges Camille – Chief judge for the Biennale

Mr. Martin Kennedy – The Curator of the Biennale

President Wavel Ramkalwan opens the Biennale

Mr. Ryan Chetty (Middle) won the grand prize

Ms. Juliette Zelime won the Best Emerging Artist

Ms. Juliette Zelime receives her prize from Mr. Gafoor Yakub

Mr. Barry Gertrude won the Personal Artistic Development prize

Mr. Barry Gertrude presented his prize by Mr. Guillaume Albert

Mr. Kavinash Thomas from Mauritius (Middle) won the NACC award

Visiting the Biennale held at the Seychelles Chinese Cultural Centre,

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