Workshop Moutya/ Sega

In commemoration of World Music Day, 1st October, the NAC, University of Seychelles and SeyMas organized the workshop with the aim of depicting the significance of moutya and sega.

  1. Daniella Police- Michel from the University of Mauritius: Elaborasyon ek transmission konesans dan context oralite kreol: Ka sega ek Moutya.
  2. Mr. Patrick Victor (Nominated by the National Arts Council): Mon tann leko mon lanfans.
  3. Mr. Ralph Amesbury (Nominated by the University of Seychelles): Transmisyon lanmizik Tradisyonnel.
  4. The National Arts Council and the University of Seychelles are committed to ensuring that all aspects, but especially the intellectual side of arts and culture are appreciated.