Arts Award

Arts AwardAn academic and merit award which acknowledges the importance of Arts to the cultural development of the Seychelles and the society. The Arts Award takes a holistic approach in identifying, recognizing and rewarding artists from all disciplines. The main objective of the event is to reward artists for their contributions towards the development of the arts. The NAC, through the Arts Award aims to cultivate appreciation of all art forms in the Seychellois people.

Another prime objective of the award is to ensure that the intellectual aspects of the arts are recognized and shared. The Seychelles Arts Award is a based platform for excellence in the arts.

Seychelles Arts Festival

The Arts Festival is aimed at celebrating the arts. Its main purpose is to promote creativity and innovation in Seychellois artists and simultaneously educate and inspire future artists. The Festival aims to capture the components of all arts forms and the Seychellois culture. It is an opportunity to also promote local artists.

Praslin Arts Fiesta

The Praslin Arts Fiesta is a combination of activities organized by the National Arts Council of Seychelles and the Praslin Artist Federation (PARFE).

A variety of activities are organized for this event such as open Bazar, stalls showcasing different creations by talented artist, Arts Exhibitions and the much appreciated Arts Battle whereby the participants are given a theme and a time limit to paint whilst being applauded by members of the public and judged by the juries as well as live musical entertainment by mainly Praslin artists.

Community Arts Project

The National Arts Council is collaborating with other agencies and the Ministry of Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports on a series of community arts projects.

This partnership is aimed at discovering, nurturing and developing cultural talents in the different districts.

Seychelles Biennale of Contemporary Art

The purpose of the event is to highlight the importance of artistic analysis in visual arts. Biennale is an intellectual event which evokes artistic perceptions and expressions of the social, economical, environmental, political and technological aspects of the society or the world.

Given that it is an international event, it is also a major contribution towards the enhancement of cultural tourism; therefore creating visibility for Seychellois artists and the Seychelles. The international event provides a platform where artists can express through their art works the tangibles and intangibles aspects of the arts and how it is of benefit to the society. The Biennale of Contemporary Art anticipates towards the development of a culture of appreciation for the arts in the Seychellois people.

Arts Fair

The main purpose of the event is to provide exposure to artists and moreover cultivate the importance of high standard of art work. The fair is an opportunity for artists to showcase their talents and at the same time provide a platform for interaction between the artists and the public. The commercial event is not only aimed at attracting investors but it is also an opportunity for young artists under the guidance of established ones to have a feel of the process which govern the art world and the creative industry.

Festival Kreol - Zenn Artis Kreolofonn

“Zenn Artis Lemonn Kreolofonn” is a regional and International art competition open to all kreolofonn youths aged between four and twenty-one years old. The aim of the competition is to develop creativity and sensibility in young people, while at the same time fostering in them an appreciation of the values and richness of kreol culture. An exhibition of the submitted artwork is organized during the festival.