pARTage International Artists Workshop

Contemporary Artists Mr Steve Marie, Mr Robert Alexis and Mr Danny Sopha have left Seychelles today to attend the pARTage International Artists Workshop 2019 in Mauritius. This year the three artists will be working together on their projects under the chosen theme: “Conflict Zone”

Make love, not war”, a slogan mainly used in the 1960s by those opposed to the Vietnam War and invoked in other anti-war contexts, is unfortunately even more relevant today. Our world is still a very violent place. If we look around the world’s many conflicts, and if we define these wars more broadly, then we see frontlines everywhere, more conflicts and war than love.”

pART age has invited artists to reflect, on the topic of conflict, violence and war, source of so much pain and despair in many parts of our planet. Artists are encourage to explore all the different connotations of conflict, their source and their consequences. And also creatively translate their ideas, concepts and emotions into art that would speak to people and inspire love, dialogue, mutual understanding and peaceful resolution of conflicts, be it personal or collective.
Neville Chamberlain rightly said “In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers”. However we can all become winners only if war is waged against poverty, against racism, against pollution, against drugs, against disease, against inequalities, against intolerance, against…

The main objective for such workshop is to promote art in the African Region.
Activities vary from local and international exhibitions, conferences, workshops & Art Talk.

Representatives from the National Arts Council, Mrs Denise Victor and Ms Juliette Micock will also be joining the three artists at the workshops.